Takeaways from VRDC

I have just spent the last week steeped in the latest game development trends. GDC is one of my favorite times of the year, when developers »

Let's Talk GL - Part 1: Deprecated

Get ready to be underwhelmed. This entire section is dedicated to information that is no longer current and/or valid. While this might seem worthless (and »

GAT499 Journal - Finishing Up

After a very strange series of events this semester, I was forced to cut scope on various parts of my life in major ways. To that »

GAT 499 Journal - A Change in Direction

As a followup to my last post, I have decided what to work on for this semester-long project. Instead of a game or recorded original song, »

GAT499 Journal - Getting Started

In this series of posts, I will be journaling my experiences GAT499, a project class at DigiPen. The goal of this class is to create an »