GAT499 Journal - Finishing Up

After a very strange series of events this semester, I was forced to cut scope on various parts of my life in major ways. To that extent, I decided to switch projects to an arrangement I had already been working on: an acapella jazz quartet cover of Paramore's Crushcrushcrush.

I still got to play with revelations of tonality, albeit in a much more playful, jazzy way. In this process, I learned that my creative process works much more smoothly in a stream of consciousness, after which I can go back, dissect, and iterate on parts of my work. This was keeping me from working on Teardrop in a way that was constructive for this class. Having 75% of the arrangement finished allowed me to pick out sections that were privy to one revelation or another and iterate more effectively. At the end of the day, I ended up creating a multi-track recording of the arrangement and presenting that instead of a live performance. This was another cut in scope, as organizing a group of DigiPen students at the end of the semester is extraordinarily difficult, even without having to spend two weeks moving. Regardless, I am happy with the result, which I uploaded to SoundCloud: